Pay one price - get all you need!

We offer a flat-rate training course to provide our students with the training they desire. The course is designed to provide all necessary flight training, ground training and aeronautical experience. Whether you want to become a Private Pilot or set out on a career as a Commercial Pilot or Flight Instructor, we can get you the training you need at a price you know in advance.

We encourage our students to begin their pilot training when they have the availability to make at least 3 lessons per week to ensure consistent progress is made from one lesson to the next. More is better! We don't believe your training should drag on forever and we've seen students in other settings lose interest altogether when they became discouraged from spending time and money but seemingly not getting anywhere. We want to keep you always moving forward towards your goal!

Our pilot training course is divided into multiple stages with straightforward pricing due in advance of each respective stage of your training.

  • Pre-solo Private Pilot: $5,000

  • Post-solo Private Pilot: $5,000

  • Instrument Rating: $10,000

  • Commercial Pilot: $20,000

  • Flight Instructor: $5,000

Please CONTACT US for details on inclusions, exclusions and timeline of payments, or to discuss details of how our course can provide you with the training needed for your situation.